Liberty NewsWire: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

During an undercover marijuana sting at a South Florida school, a teenage boy began to fall for someone he thought was just another teenage girl.

But the boy's crush turned out to be an undercover police officer, who would later have him arrested for selling her marijuana she asked him to obtain for her." - The Huffington Post - see full story immediately below.

Individual Liberty

War on Drugs:

Huffington Post – Teen Falls in Love With Undercover Cop in Marijuana Sting

Huffington Post - Attractive Undercover Cop Poses As Student And Entraps Teens To "Sell" Her Marijuana

Internet Freedom:

The Atlantic - Can We Harness the Internet to Collaboratively Write Better Laws?

Huffington Post - 'The Free Internet Act' Emerges As Redditors Craft SOPA Alternative

Forbes - Does The Cybersecurity Act Of 2012 Mark The Beginning Of The War On Cyber-terrorism?

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Anchorage Daily News - Legislator enters four airport security bills


StarTribune (Twin Cities Local) - Botched raid costs Minneapolis $1 million

Reason - Report Finds Police Did Not Deceive Public in Fatal Kelly Thomas Beating

NY Times – Officers Who Searched Home Can’t Be Sued, Court Says

Gun Rights/Laws:

Examiner - Burglars in the bull's eye; shootings by homeowners surge

Cato - Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens

The New American – Anti-Gun Control Bill Moving Through PA Legislature

Business Insider – Gun Sales Have Gone Bonkers With President Obama in Office

The Daily Caller – Legally Armed Homeowner Catches Thief, Is Jailed for Firing Warning Shot

Foreign Policy


AP - Russia warns against 'hasty conclusions' over Iran

CNN Money - Fear of Iran is inflating gas prices

Economic Issues

Federal Reserve:

Reuters – Burned Before, Fed Officials Cautious on Rebound


Houston Chronicle - Oil and gas leaders slam Obama

The Washington Times - Bonuses given after raises at Solyndra


Reason - GM's Profits Don't Mean Taxpayers Will Be Off the Hook


Reason - Obama Administration Proposes Corporate Tax Overhaul Based on Theory That Loopholes Are Bad and Should Be Replaced With Different Loopholes

NY Times – Indian Tribes Make Own Cigarettes to Avoid NY Taxes



Washington Examiner – ObamaCare Decision Will Reshuffle Political Deck

Newsmax - Administration Finalizes Rules for States to Opt Out of Obamacare

States’ Rights:

Deseret News – Mike Lee Pushes States’ Rights During Visit to Legislature

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