Liberty NewsWire: Thursday, May 10th, 2012

A new mobile app that enables travelers to file reports of alleged racial profiling by the Transportation Security Administration from the airport lodged 28 complaints in its first 10 days, nearly three times the number filed with the agency during the first half of 2011." - Andrea Stone for the Huffington Post.  See full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Huffington Post - Airport Racial Profiling App Brings In Complaints Against TSA

WPBF - Baby, 18 months Old, Ordered Off Plane at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Politico - GOP Assails TSA on Equipment in Storage

Police State:

Atlanta Journal Constitution - DeKalb Cop Accused of Kicking Pregnant Woman in Stomach

Reason - Milwaukee Police Chief Fires Four Officers This Month, Unrelated to Sweeping Investigation of Police Sexual Assault and Civil Rights Violations

Reuters - Study Finds NYPD Frisks Young Black Men Too Often

Internet Freedom:

Network World - Counterintelligence Surveillance Swelled Another 10% in 2011

Patriot Act/NDAA:

The New American - Senator Carl Levin tells the CFR: the NDAA Makes Us Safer

Real ID:

ABC WHTM - Gov. Corbett Signs Law to Oppose Federal Real ID

Nanny State:

Boston Herald – House Overturns School Bake Sale Ban

CBS New York - Fort Lee, N.J Cracking Down On 'Dangerous Walking' By Handing Out Summonses

Gun Control:

Fox News – Obama Threatens to Veto DOJ Budget Because it Blocks Fast and Furious Gun Control Law

Wall Street Journal – Illegal Immigrants Don’t Have a Right to Bear Arms

Foreign Policy

War Powers Act:

The Hill - Senate Bill Looks to Close 'Loophole' in White House's War Powers


Financial Times - Chinese Drill for Oil in Troubled Waters


Federal Reserve:

Reuters – Fed OKs China-Controlled Banks as Holding Companies


Reason - It Takes 10 Times More Educational Hours to Cut Hair Than to Be an EMT, and Other Horrifying Truths About Occupational Licensing

Post Office:

Reason - Postal Service Scales Back Scaleback: Will Close Nothing, Nowhere


CNS News - 324,000 Women Dropped Out of Labor Force in the Last Two Months -- As Number of Women Not in labor Force Hits Historic High



Kansas City Star - Obamacare's Thoughtless Damage to a Key Industry

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