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Liberty NewsWire: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

The TSA may be concealing the reason for this policy for security reasons, or it may just be taking the easy route: if you don’t explain a position, you don’t have to defend your reasoning. Instead, Richtel ends up citing two security experts, including Bruce Schneier — who the TSA successfully kicked off a critical Congressional panel last month, likely avoiding other unanswerable questions about its practices –  who claim the distinction is a result of 'security theater.' According to one unnamed expert, who claims to have worked with the Department of Homeland Security in the past, it’s simply 'giving people a sense that something is being done to protect them.'"  – Kashmir Hill for Forbes, full story immediately below.

Individual Liberty

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Forbes – TSA Refuses To Explain Why You Have To Take Your Laptop Out Of Your Bag But Not Your iPad

Bloomberg – High-Speed Rail Takes Californians for a Ride

Huffington Post – Are TSA Agents Too Rude?

The Examiner – Gene Healy: 'Hunger Games' Doesn't Fit TSA's Dystopian Vision

Internet Freedom:

Forbes – The Fight For the Internet Continues – Could CISPA be the Next SOPA?

Chicago Tribune – CISPA Legislation Seen by Many as SOPA 2.0

Police State:

Bloomberg – Strip-Search Case Reflects Death of American Privacy

US News – First Man Arrested With Drone Evidence Vows to Fight Case

War on Drugs:

Washington Post – Latin American Countries Pursue Alternatives to U.S. Drug War

Reuters – Obama Faces Skeptical Leaders at Americas Summit


The New American – Broad Coalition of Journalists and Activists Join in Legal Challenge to NDAA

Foreign Policy


The New York Times – Multiple Bombings Strike Afghanistan           



Bloomberg – Bernanke Calls on Regulators to Curb Shadow Banking Risks

The Hill – Consumer Bureau Plans Overhaul of Mortgage Industry


Reuters – White House Highlights Tax Fairness Ahead of Obama Speech

Detroit Free Press – IRS Chief Warns of Congressional Inaction on Taxes


Reason – The States and Unemployment


MSNBC – Hybrid Owners Unlikely to Buy Another One, Study Shows

Government Waste:

Washington Post – More Details on GSA Employee Awards Store



Washington Post – Health-Care Law Will Add $340 Billion to Deficit, New Study Finds


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