Liberty NewsWire: Tuesday April 24th, 2012

Legislators will vote this week on a controversial new cybersecurity bill that would allow the government and corporations to easily exchange private information, despite Internet protesters who see the proposal as a threat to online privacy and civil rights.

The bill, known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), encourages information sharing between government and companies to protect against cyberattacks and for the purposes of homeland security." - Foxnews.com  See full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty

Free Speech:

Fox News - Legislators to Vote on Controversial CISPA Bill Despite Online Protests

Reason - Blogging About the Paleo Diet Can Get You Shut Down in North Carolina

War on Drugs:

NBC New York – New Zealand Mulls Charging $100 for Pack of Cigarettes

Police State:

The Daily Caller – Law Enforcement Agencies Track Cellphones Without Warrants

Reason - Connecticut Senate Passes Bill Allowing Citizens to Record Cops So Long As the Cops Are OK With It

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Daily Mail (UK) - Weeping Four-Year-Old Girl Accused of Carrying a GUN by TSA Officers After She Hugged Her Grandmother While Passing Through Security

Drones Over America:

Daily Mail (UK) - Is There a Drone in Your Neighborhood? Rise of Spy Planes Exposed After FAA is Forced to Reveal 63 Launch Sites Across U.S.

Real ID:

Springfield News-Sun - New Driver's Licenses Will Take More Time, Proof

Foreign Policy

American Intelligence:

New York Times - Defense Department Plans New Intelligence Gathering Service


Associated Press - US-Afghan security pact sends warning to al-Qaida


Chicago Tribune - U.S. puts sanctions on telecom firms in Syria, Iran

New York Times - Facing Cyberattack, Iranian Officials Disconnect Some Oil Terminals From Internet


New York Times - Egypt Rejects Registration Bids From 8 U.S. Nonprofit Groups


Reuters - Philippine South China Sea gas find may fuel China tensions         


Federal Reserve:

Fox Business – How the Fed Affects Your Life and Money

Washington Times – Fed Likely to Keep Stance on Rates and Bond Buys

IRS and Taxes:

Reason - Obama's Taxing Psychology



Washington Post - For First Time Since Depression, More Mexicans Leave U.S. than Enter


Reason - Medicare's Chief Actuary: Sorry, Obamacare's Medicare Reforms Probably Aren't Viable in the Long Term

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