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Liberty NewsWire Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Liberty NewsWire Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All of these market themselves as legitimate ways to store content online. But they are inherently ideal for anyone looking to illegitimately upload and share copyrighted video and audio files. Most companies rarely, if ever, inspect individual files to see if the material they store on behalf of users violates copyrights, unless they are notified by someone claiming infringement.

The Megaupload indictment reminds companies that how they manage copyrighted material on their sites could determine whether they continue to operate freely or face legal consequences. At the same time, it offers a look at just how widespread such piracy is and how tricky it can be to cut down on it, given the many ways people can send files to each other online." – Nicole Perlroth and Quentin Hardy for The New York Times.  See full story immediately below.

Individual Liberty

SOPA/PIPA [Internet Regulation]:

The New York Times – Antipiracy Case Sends Shivers Through Some Legitimate Storage Sites

The Wall Street Journal – Pro-SOPA Lobbyists Say They're Losing Public Relations Battle

International Business Times – ACTA Treaty 2012: All About the New SOPA

TSA and Travel Freedom:

CNN – TSA Turns Away Sen. Rand Paul at Airport Checkpoint

Christian Science Monitor – Rand Paul 'detained' by TSA. Does that happen to other senators?

Miami Herald – TSA agent accused of selling stolen property from luggage on Craigslist

Civil Liberties:

Examiner.com – UN Human Rights Chief Urges: Close Gitmo, Investigate Rights Violations

Charlotte Observer – Charlotte City Council OKs expanding police power during DNC

US News and World Report – Who Should Have Access to Student Records?



Global Post – NATO relying on smugglers along Pakistan's border, Pakistan officials say

ABC News – NATO Official Previews Chicago Summit


Huffington Post – Afghanistan: Coffins for U.S. & NATO; Huge Contracts for China


European Crisis:

ABC News – European Stocks Drop Amid Worries Over Greek Deal

Federal Reserve:

CNN Money – Federal Reserve Rotates Members, Releases New Forecasts



Forbes – Obamacare Makes Medicaid An Offer States Can’t Refuse

Politico – Supreme Court says no to debate over Elena Kagan health care role

Fourth Ammendment:

Washington Post – Supreme Court Limits Police Use of GPS Tracking

NY Times – Police Use of GPS Is Ruled Unconstitutional

Cato Unbound – When Drone Warfare Comes Home


KCSG.com – Utah Senator Mike Lee Highlights Democrats’ 1000 Days of Failure


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