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Liberty NewsWire: Tuesday, March 27th, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

WASHINGTON — House members of both parties on Monday teed off against the agency in charge of airport and port anti-terrorist screening, saying it uses ineffective tactics, wastes money on faulty equipment and treats travelers rudely.

"We're not cattle," said Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va., adding that `barking orders" undermines the good work of the Transportation Security Administration." – Larry Margasak for the Huffington Post.  See full article below.

Individual Liberty

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Huffington Post – TSA Airport Security: Congress Members Blast Agency

Chicago Tribune – TSA Body Scanners’ Apparent Flaw Raises Airport Security Concerns

War on Drugs:

Chicago Reader – Rahm Emanuel Declares Another War on Drugs

The Atlantic – The Brutal Logic of a Drug Warrior: Put ‘Em All in Cages

Gun Control:

Daily Caller – Gun Control Group Falsely Claims Zimmerman Still Has Gun

NBC New York – Judge: NYC Pistol Licensing Fees Are Legal

Foreign Policy


The New York Times – Support in U.S. for Afghan War Drops Sharply, Poll Finds

Associated Press – Afghan security forces kill 3 NATO troops

CNN – Billions in cash smuggled out of Afghanistan every year

BBC News – Afghan arrests after authorities foil 'suicide attack'


Reuters – Iran nuclear talks likely next month: diplomats


CNN – Obama calls for 'balanced approach' to U.S.-Pakistan relations         

Economic Issues

Federal Budget:

The Hill – House Dems introduce $3.6T budget plan

Reason – The Ryan-Romney Budget   


Bloomberg – Obama Relies on Debt Collectors Profiting From Student Loan Woe


CBS Baltimore – Gas Prices Expected To Continue Rising This Spring



Reason – Scrapping Obamacare Should be a Constitutional No Brainer for Conservative Justices

Cato @ Liberty – Obamacare Oral Arguments Day 1

Forbes – It’s All or Nothing for Obamacare Challengers Today

Reason – ObamaCare on Trial, Day One: A Case of "Inartful Drafting By Congress"


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