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Liberty NewsWire: Wednesday, February 15th, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Support for Acta in Europe is waning as both Bulgaria and the Netherlands refuse to ratify the international anti-piracy agreement." – Reuters in The Guardian.  See full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty


The Guardian – Acta loses more support in Europe

The Hill – President to kiss, make up to Hollywood

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Courier Journal – Airport scans ring alarms: Rand Paul run-in, studies raise questions on accuracy

New York Post – Hubby walks past TSA checkpoint at Newark Airport to meet wife

Fast and Furious:

The Daily Caller – Issa takes step toward holding Holder in contempt of Congress

School Choice:

USA Today – Home Schooling Demographics Change, Expand

The Washington Post – Obama Budget Proposal Includes No New Funding for DC Private-School Vouchers

Food Freedom:

Fox News – School Takes Homemade Lunch, Replaces With Chicken Nuggets

Hermosa Beach, CA Patch.com – Naples Restaurateur Fights Foie Gras Ban

War on Drugs:

CBS News – Banking For Pot Shops Eyed in Colorado


Foreign Policy

Foreign Aid:

The Hill – Filibuster fight escalates in Senate


ABC News – Heightened Security in U.S. Over Iran Threat

The New York Times – State Media Says Iran Will Cut Oil to 6 European Nations

Nuclear Weapons

The Associated Press – US weighing steep nuclear arms cuts



Federal Reserve:

The Washington Post – Philadelphia Reserve Bank Head Warns Against Speeding Up Economic Recovery

NY Times – Fed Clears Capital One’s Deal for ING Direct


CNN – Tentative Payroll Tax Cut Deal Reached, GOP Legislators Say

Reason – What Obama’s 2013 Budget Says About the Drug War, Police Militarization, and Intellectual Property

CATO @ Liberty – Obama’s Proposed Cuts and the Scope of Government

The Christian Science Monitor – No budget?  No problem!  The strange politics behind a budgetless America


CNS News – Obama Cites Rising Gas Prices – Up 83 Percent Under His Tenure – Among Reasons to Extend Payroll Tax Cut

The American – Bitter Sweet: How Big Sugar Robs You


The Detroit Free Press – Energy Conversion Devices files for bankruptcy as solar energy lags




CATO @ Liberty – Sebelius Admits ObamaCare Exchanges Aren't Happening, Then Disqualifies Herself from Office

The Economist – A United front

The Foundry (Heritage Foundation) – Obamacare's Top Three Budget Busters

Washington Times – Armstrong: Obamacare Grants Doctors Liberty to Withhold Care

The Daily Caller – Obamacare Architect: Expect Steep Increase in Health Care Premiums


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