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Liberty NewsWire: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Chances are, if you have been at an U.S. airport lately, you've been inside a tubular body scanning machine called a "backscatter," named for the way it scatters electrons. On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation to determine whether the scanners emit harmful levels of cancer-causing radiation, as some experts believe." – Trish Turner, Foxnews.com

Individual Liberty

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Fox News – Senators Demand Study of Airport Scanners for Possible Cancer Exposure

The Hill – Senate Presses TSA to Study Health Risks Posed by X-Ray Scans


Foreign Policy Magazine – Obama administration employs controversial detention provision as legal defense

Right to Work:

Washington Post – Indiana Poised to Enter Right-to-Work Era as Unions Prep Protest Amid Super Bowl Festivities

LA Times – Super Bowl Mixes With Labor Politics in Indianapolis

War on Drugs:

LA Times – Heckled During Speech, Mexico’s President Defends Drug War

School Choice:

CATO @ Liberty – Sports Authority

Foreign Policy


Time – Pakistan Still Propping Up the Taliban, Alleges Secret NATO Report

Boston Globe – Lawmakers: Stop insider attacks by Afghan troops


Reuters – IAEA, Iran see more talks ahead on nuclear issue

The Atlantic – Japan's Dilemma Over Iran Sanctions    


Federal Reserve:

Bloomberg Business Week – Fed Bank Presidents Disclose Assets From Farmland to Stocks

San Francisco Chronicle – Gross Says Witnessing Death of Abundance, Birth of Austerity

Federal Budget:

Bloomberg Business Week – Government Deficit Report Inflames, Illustrates Budget Debate

Huffington Post – The Same Old Story



The Washington Examiner – CBO report shows Obamacare's ballooning costs

Forbes – States’ Efforts to Strike Down Health Care Law Harks Back to 1930s Jurisprudence


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