Liberty NewsWire: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has now successfully helped more than one project earn over $1 million, turning the traditional model of media production on its ear. What if we could do the same thing for science? With government spending for the sciences on the decline, entrepreneur Matt Salzberg saw an opportunity. He'd create a crowdfunding site for scientists, where researchers could get funding directly from the public. Last week, he and his team launched Petridish.org, and they've already got reputable researchers whose projects are almost funded after just a few days. Could this be the future of publicly funded science?" - IO9 News - see full article below.

Individual Liberty


IO9 - The best new scientific idea in years

Internet Freedom:

TechDirt - UK Decides Hollywood, US Gov't's Interests More Important Than Own Citizens; Extradites Student For Linking

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Infowars.com - Major US Airport To Evict TSA Screeners

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek - TSA Chief Pistole Pressed to Expand Private Screeners

Police State:

Reason - Meet Maj. Joseph Floyd, Leading Candidate for Most Crooked Cop in America

Drug War:

Reason - California Dispensary Fights City Extortion Scheme, Gets Raided By DEA Twice in Four Months

The State Journal (Frankfort, KY) – Medical Marijuana Bill Stalled in Committee

Huffington Post – Angel Raich, Cancer Patient, Kicked Out of Hospital for Using Medical Marijuana

Gun Control:

The Washington Post – D.C.’s Gun Law Deception

Foreign Policy


New York Times - Long-Planned Visit Lands Panetta in Tense Afghanistan

Daily Caller – Pentagon Spending Heavily on Propaganda Ops


Bloomberg - Three of Four Americans Oppose Israeli Strike on Iran          

Economic Issues

Federal Reserve:

USA Today – Federal Reserve Annual Stress Test Fails 4 of 19 Big Banks

Forbes – Dow Could Drop 50% When Fed Fix Ends


Reason - Wind Energy Tax Credits Defeated in Senate

The Foundry - Energy Secretary Chu Tries to Walk Back His Desire for Higher Gas Prices

Forbes - Rand Paul Scolds DOE Auditor For Ignoring Solyndra



Town Hall – Surprise: Obamacare’s Price Tag Nearly Doubles

Washington Examiner - CBO boosts its Obamacare Medicaid cost estimate

The Daily Caller - $1 abortion surcharge in Obamacare

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