May Member of the Month: David Schlereth

Dr. David Schlereth
La Jolla, California

David Schlereth resides in beautiful La Jolla, California, where he practices Veterinary Medicine and lives with his wife, Mela, their dachshund, Basil, and two zebra finches named Plucky and Scrapple. Outside of his profession and political activism, David’s hobbies include skiing, scuba diving, and shooting with the local Single Action Shooting Society.

David grew up in Westchester County, New York, before attending Cornell University and later Iowa State University, where he attained his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. David went on to live and practice in New York City, until he and his wife decided to move to the San Diego area in 2002.

It wasn’t until 2008, however, that David experienced his political awakening. Like many Campaign for Liberty members, David’s awareness was triggered by the housing bubble and subsequent financial crisis. He recalls, “the 2008 financial crisis and housing bubble collapse caused me to question what was happening on Wall Street and with our so-called leadership in Washington.”

Having bought a house in La Jolla just a few years prior, David was particularly concerned about the collapse of the real estate market. His concern gave way to extensive research, which eventually exposed David to Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty.

“Ever since I could remember, I had never heard of real estate prices dropping so dramatically... My subsequent investigation into the financial crisis led me to Ron Paul. I found out that he had predicted the collapse of the housing bubble so I soon read his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, joined Campaign for Liberty, and have been a supporter of the Liberty movement ever since.”

What David realized is that at the root of our economic problems is U.S. monetary policy and the Federal Reserve. He explains, “much of the corruption and troubles we have today stem from our central banking system and policies that prohibit honest money. Many of our Founding Fathers warned us about this and wrote provisions into the Constitution to prevent this foreseen evil. The endless cycle of wars, booms and busts, debt, and infringement upon our civil liberties are the result of the Federal Reserve system.”

Keen to learn and become more involved, in September 2013, David attended C4L’s annual conference, the Liberty Political Action Conference. David described the LPAC experience a “homecoming” of sorts, and indeed it was a rewarding experience for David in many ways.

In addition to hearing stimulating speakers at LPAC, meeting Ron Paul, and networking with like-minded activists, David also received invaluable training offered by C4L and the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL).

David soon decided to pursue a role as a local C4L leader and has since become a local coordinator in the San Diego area.

With an eye to the future, David is ever-encouraged by the action being taken by activists and Campaign for Liberty members across the country, “Campaign for Liberty will be the driving force that distills down the liberty movement core and uniting principles into a crystal clear, concise message that resonates with all Americans.”

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