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Government “efficiency” does not equal liberty


Government “efficiency” does not equal liberty

One of the numerous proposals President Obama unveiled in his State of the Union address to take our freedom  make our lives better was a new job-creation initiative, under the direction of Vice President Joe Biden.  Instead of pointing out that the federal government has no authority to run any type of “job training” program, the Republicans have been pushing the “SKILLS” Act.

The SKILLS Act, which passed the House last year, “streamlines” 35 federal job training programs into one “efficient” program.  But as  Venrquie de Rugy explains, contrary to the claims of the GOP leadership, there is really no reason why supporters of limited government should care if there are one, two, or thirty-five costly, ineffective, and unconstitutional federal “job training” programs.

The goal of the liberty movement is to reduce the size of the federal government by eliminating unconstitutional programs, not making those programs more “efficient.” In fact, there are times when we will oppose legislation making government more efficient –for example, would we support making the IRS, BATF, or TSA more “efficient” at taking our liberties?


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