More Nonsensical Calls for War with Iran

The well funded Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) is surely one of the more bizarre think tanks doing business in Washington.  It claims to be bipartisan but is fully united in jump-starting a war with Iran, which it has been seeking to do for the past four years, warning every year that Iran is about to acquire a nuclear weapon.  The Iranian bomb hasn't happened yet.  BPC's sage advice pops up here and there, most recently in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), where it is now advocating giving Israel tanker aircraft so its warplanes can fly to Iran, bomb that country’s nuclear facilities, and make it safely back.  The BPC’s National Security Project is headed by Charles Robb, a former senator and governor from Virginia, who argues that the enabling of a devastating Israeli attack on Iran would create a credible deterrent to Tehran’s misbehavior and maintains that his judgment is derived from a “fact-driven consensus.” 

But perhaps more interesting than the center itself is the reaction to the argument that it is trying to make in the WSJ.  It is worth looking at the comments on the op-ed, which are generally hostile to the idea of a new war, even among the readership of The Wall Street Journal.  It is refreshing to think that maybe the American public is actually wising up to the con job they have been subjected to, even if it is a bit late to do anything about it.

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