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NSA Surveillance is Unconstitutional


NSA Surveillance is Unconstitutional

In an interview with John Roberts on Fox News Sunday, Senator Paul questioned the constitutionality of the NSA’s domestic surveillance program and called for a review of the whole program. The Senator went on to chastise the administration for thinking internal “audits” were suitable to address violations of American’s civil liberties, and went on to add that this program needs to be reviewed by the courts.

While Paul suggested more Congressional oversight may help, he was quick to point out it wouldn’t solve the problems of unconstitutional domestic surveillance of American’s electronic communications.

Other issues discussed on the show were related to defunding ObamaCare, ending foreign “aid” to the military junta in Egypt, and the ongoing spat between New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie and Senator Paul.

If you haven’t already, sign your petition in support of Senator Paul’s Fourth Amendment Protection Act, S. 1121, which would protect American’s phone records from NSA surveillance.


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