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President Obama’s Fuzzy Math


President Obama’s Fuzzy Math

When the President first discussed his new tax proposals he said, "This is not class warfare — this is math."

Well, as this video from Senator DeMint shows, it doesn't matter if the top income tax rate is 30% or 90%, federal revenues remained around an average of 18% of GDP over the last 70 years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmrQkC0YqTw

The President is hoping grassroots Americans won't oppose his tax hikes because, after all, "it only affects the top .3%" of Americans.  I hope you'll join us in proving the White House wrong on this one.

If billionaires like Warren Buffet want to pay more in taxes, perhaps his accountants shouldn't bother taking tax deductions — or better yet, he could voluntarily write a check for however much more he wanted to give.  I'm sure the government would be very pleased to receive donations… 


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