Rand Paul Introduces National Right to Work Act

In addition to introducing Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, Senator Rand Paul has introduced the National Right to Work Act (S. 204).  This bill repeals those sections of federal law that authorize unions to require the payment of union dues as a condition of employment.  (The top eight job-growth states during President Obama’s first term were all Right to Work states.)  The bill thus restores to individual workers the power to decide for themselves whether or not to join a union and whether or not to support the union's political activities.  By repealing parts of federal law, the National Right to Work Act also takes a step toward reversing unconstitutional federal control of America's labor markets.

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul championed the Right to Work cause throughout his congressional career.  For more information on the National Right to Work Act, and Right to Work issues in general, read the column by Congressman Paul and watch the video of C4L President John Tate and National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix addressing some of the most frequent questions C4L receives about Right to Work.

C4L Chairman Ron Paul on Right to Work.

C4L President John Tate discussing Right to Work with National Right to Work Committee President Marx Mix:



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