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Recapping Rand’s TSA Encounter


Recapping Rand’s TSA Encounter

Yesterday, as you're probably all well aware by now, Senator Rand Paul was temporarily detained at the Nashville Airport after a millimeter wave scanner sounded alarm bells over an anomaly on his leg.  For more information about this incident, Senator Paul penned a powerful op-ed about his experience in the Washington Times that you won't want to miss reading. 

In addition to the op-ed, Rand took his case to the court of public opinion holding interviews with Judge Napolitano, Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, Erin Burnett, Greta van Susteren and others today including Laura Ingraham and Megan Kelly.

C4L members have been fighting back against the TSA's abuses since our inception, but especially since the implementation of their scanning and groping procedures that treat American citizens like terrorists rather than as human beings.

As many of you know, one of C4L's staff was temporarily detained and verbally harassed in 2009 when he was questioned for carrying several thousand dollars in cash and checks following our first Regional Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. 

This issue has become very personal for many of us who are tired of seeing six-year old girls and eighty-year old grandmothers poked, prodded, scanned, and groped in the name of "security."

Recently, after initially denying the incidents occurred, the TSA has apologized for strip searching, not one, but TWO grandmothers at JFK airport.  Apologies aren't good enough anymore.  It's time the American people demand their dignity back.

Please click here to support C4L's continued efforts to work towards our goal of abolishing the TSA!

Since 9/11, only alert airline passengers and crew have prevented further terrorist attacks on airplanes, while the TSA spends billions of dollars confiscating cupcakes.  It's time to put the responsibility for airline security where it belongs, with the airlines, not inept government bureaucrats.


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