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Regretting Intervention


Regretting Intervention

The United States is looking foolish right now as the U.S.-backed revolution in Egypt is turning into a fiasco. The Egyptian Military has recently seized control over the government amidst democratic elections in the country, and if the military does decide to relinquish power as they have promised, it appears as if the winning party will be the party of the Muslim Brotherhood, a party that doesn’t exactly exemplify the American view of liberty.  Not only has the Obama Administration aided a military that has taken over a constitutional government, but the democratic outcome that the Obama Administration prefers is hardly anything worth endorsing. Maybe we should have listened to Rand Paul’s advice about giving aid to foreign countries, and maybe we should be wary of any future intervention in places like Syria and Kuwait.

Here is Sen. Paul warning the U.S. of Egyptian aid in April: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuSwa3rKJkk


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