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A Return to Keynes?


A Return to Keynes?

In case you missed it, here is Thomas Sowell’s column on Janet Yellen’s nomination as Federal Reserve Chair. Sowell examines Yellen’s answers to a series of questions to see if she is really the strong prominent of Keynesian economics she has been portrayed as in the media. (SPOLER ALERT: SHE IS). This piece is worth reading, although the title of is misleading as it implies Yellen’ nomination as Fed Chair is somehow a “return” to Keynes, as if  “Helicopter Ben” did not follow the Keynesian model.

Campaign for Liberty members will certainly agree with Sowell that:

The Federal Reserve has become such a major player in the American economy that it needs far more scrutiny and criticism than it has received, regardless of who heads it.

You can help Campaign for Liberty subject the Fed to more scrutiny and criticism by supporting our Audit the Fed Money Bomb.




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