Ron Paul on the Real Meaning of President Obama's National Security Speech

In addition to serving as Chairman of Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul is CEO of the newly-formed Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Dr. Paul recently posted his response to President Obama's national security speech from last week on the Institute's website:

This past Thursday and Friday, President Obama delivered two speeches designed to outline his new thinking on national security and counter-terrorism. While much was made in the media of the president’s statements at the National Defense University and the US Naval Academy suggesting that the most active phase of US military action overseas was coming to an end, this “new” approach is but the same old policy wrapped in new packaging. In these addresses, the president panders to the progressives, while continually expanding and solidifying the "enabling act” principle.

The president will continue and even expand drone attacks overseas because they are “less deadly” than ground invasions. He promises to be more careful in the future.

He is entertaining the introduction of “kill courts” which will meet in secret to decide who is to be executed without trial or charge. He promises these will have sufficient oversight.


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