Senators Paul & Lee Join Call For Accelerated Withdraw From Afghanistan

Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee joined 22 Senators from across the aisle in calling on President Obama to accelerate the US withdraw from Afghanistan.

Arguing the primary mission in Afghanistan -- eliminating al-Qaeda's safe haven and removing the Taliban from power -- having largely been completed, the Senators also made the financial case for ending the 10 year old war.

We simply cannot afford more years of elevated troop levels in Afghanistan. We are spending roughly $10 billion in Afghanistan each month at a time when we’re making tough sacrifices at home. Your recent budget calls for $88 billion more for the war in Afghanistan in 2013. If this money is appropriated, we will have spent a total of $650 billion in Afghanistan. A majority of Americans worry that the costs of the war in Afghanistan will make it more difficult for the government to address the problems facing the United States at home. They’re right.

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It is time to end this war and bring our men and women in uniform home.

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