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Where Did Your Senators Stand?


Where Did Your Senators Stand?

Senator Rand Paul has made no secret of his opposition to appointing nominees to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors until Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid holds an up or down, roll call vote on Audit the Fed.

On Tuesday, Senator Reid once again broke Senate rules to overcome his opposition and invoke cloture on three nominations.  With the final vote scheduled for today, click on the three links below to see if your senators stood with Rand Paul and the nearly 75% of Americans who support a Fed audit – or the secretive Fed and the special interests.

Cloture vote on Stanley Fischer.

Cloture vote on Lael Brainard.

Cloture vote on Jerome Powell.

Help us turn up the pressure on Harry Reid and achieve our historic, thorough audit of the Fed by contacting your senators today (especially if one or both of them voted wrong on Tuesday) and urging them to oppose all three nominations until Audit the Fed (S. 209) finally gets its long-deserved vote!


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