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Sequester fireworks


Sequester fireworks

Although it has been well-documented that the sequester does not really cut federal spending, federal bureaucrats are still trying to convince the public that the sequester is decimating vital federal programs and must be reversed. A common technique is what is called the “Washington Monument” ploy. This is when a federal agency shuts down a prominent and popular federal program, claiming it is because of budget “cuts.”  It got its name from the government “shutdowns” of the ’80s and ’90s, when the media loved to show pictures of a “Closed to the public because of government shutdown” sign that would be placed in front of the monument during the “shutdown showdowns.”

The most recent example of this is the canceling of Fourth of July fireworks at military bases around the country, supposedly because of the sequester.  Fortunately, the sequester has not forced President Obama to cut back on foreign travel or signing executive orders to protect African elephants from poachers. Campaign for Liberty will continue to work against big-spending politicians in both parties and advocate for Real Cuts, Right Now.


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