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Special Order on Internet Sales Taxes


Special Order on Internet Sales Taxes

Set your DVRs! This Wednesday, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie will be giving a half-hour special order speech after Wednesday’s votes on why Members of Congress should oppose the “Marketplace Fairness Act” (more adeptly named the “National Internet Tax Mandate”). Other freshman members who also oppose the National Internet Tax Mandate will join Representative Massie.

Representative Massie, and the other members who will be joining him, deserve praise for speaking out, as Campaign for Liberty has heard from well-placed sources on Capitol Hill that the GOP leadership is pressuring members not to speak out against the Internet Tax Mandate because it is a “divisive” issue. But what leadership really means is, it divides those who oppose raising the price of everything you buy online and imposing new regulations on the Internet from those who support crony capitalism and giving tax-hungry governors new sources of revenue.

Campaign for Liberty will provide more details on the timing and order of the participants as they become available.


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