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“Speed Bump” Yellen?


“Speed Bump” Yellen?

Ben Bernanke was known as “Helicopter Ben” because of his infamous statement that he would through money from helicopters in order to “stimulate” the economy. So what should we call Janet Yellen? Town Hall columnist Phillip Bartling suggests we call her Janet Yellen “Speed Bump” Janet because in 2005 she said that the deflation of the housing bubble would be like an economic “speed bump.” Of course, the collapse of the housing bubble lead to an economic meltdown and a recession that, despite what the manipulated government statistic says, is still affecting the American economy.  

Campaign for Liberty is working to put a “speed bump” in Yellen’s path to conformation by pressuring the Senate to vote on the Audit the Fed bill before debating and voting on Yellen’s nomination.


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