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Stop the Internet Tax Mandate


Stop the Internet Tax Mandate

C4L President John Tate has a new op-ed in The Daily Caller today asking liberty-minded Americans to join Campaign for Liberty in fighting the new Internet Tax Mandate proposal currently in Congress.  S. 336 and H.R. 684 would turn online retailers into tax collectors for the state and could have a devastating, stifling impact on innovation, jobs, and online entrepreneurship.

After you read the op-ed, take action to stop this new tax authority by signing our “No National Internet Tax” petition.  And be sure to pass along both John’s op-ed and our petition to your family, friends, and other contacts.

Next Valentine’s Day may be significantly more expensive for millions of Americans who purchase Valentine’s Day gifts for their significant others over the Internet, thanks to big-spending politicians in Washington and state capitals across the country.


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