Your taxdollars at work: geting Mothers and daughters to dance

That's right, the National Institute for Health spent almost $5,000 on a study on how to get mothers and daughters to dance together. The study was done in the name of fighting obesity. Encouraging mothers and daughters to dance together so they get more exercise is certainly not an objectionable activity (especially compared with droning, spying, and ruining our health care) but is this really an appropriate use of taxpayer funds? (Spoiler Alert: NO).

While $5,000 is not a great deal of money (in the time it took you to read this blog post the Pentagon spent much more than $5,000), this is just one of many questionable research projects funded by the federal government. In addition, using federal funds to study ways to “encourage” us to live healthier supports the notion that the federal government should have some say over our personal lives.

If the government was really interested in fighting obesity, they would stop spending money on federal policies that promote unhealthy eating.

Campaign for Liberty will continue to work for Real Cuts, Right Now in all areas of the federal budget.




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