Thank You George W. Bush : No Christmas in Baghdad

George W. Bush is one of the great disasters in American presidential history.  He isn't the worst chief executive in U.S. history--that's quite a standard to meet.  But he was a big-spending war-monger who left America in far worse shape than he found it.

President Bush's handiwork is on display in Baghdad this Christmas.  Although Christians worshipped freedly under the odious Saddam Hussein, most are afraid to celebrate the most sacred Christian holiday.

Reports the Australian:

CHRISTMAS has gone underground in Baghdad this year with the leaders of one of the world's oldest Christian communities taking the extraordinary step of warning followers that it is too dangerous to openly celebrate Christ's birthday.

"We have told everyone that there should be no public parties or large gatherings and people should do their own celebrations in their homes," said Ra'ad Emmanuel, the head of the government-backed Iraqi Christian Endowment.

Interviewed in the endowment's offices in Baghdad, Mr Emmanuel said the departure of American troops last Sunday had left Iraq's embattled Christians fearing more than ever for their safety and their future.

As sectarian strife increases in Iraq, Christians are likely to become even more vulnerable.  Next year it might be a Christmas miracle if any Christians are left in the country.

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