Today's Floor Action - Updated

Busy day on both sides of Capitol Hill: The House is currently debating and will vote early today on suspending the debt ceiling for three months. C4L is urging a NO vote, and encouraging our members to contact their representative and tell them to oppose this bill for the dangerous precedent it sets for open-ended debt ceiling increases.

On the Senate side, Harry Reid is doing his best to convince Republicans to sell out and support a measure that would gut the filibuster, "or else." His bluff is that he'll pursue rule changes through the "nuclear option" if Republicans don't first strike a deal. However, if Reid had 51 votes, he'd likely have rammed it down our throats already. 20 Senate Democrats are up for reelection in 2014, and many of them remember what it was like to be in the minority party. Encourage your Republican senators to stand strong in opposing changes to the rules in the 113th Congress.

It's vital that you contact both your senators and your representatives on these important issues!

UPDATE: The House passed the debt ceiling suspension by a vote of 285-144.

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