TSA offers $15,000 for best idea to reduce security lines

The Transportation Security Administration is offering prizes totally $15,000 for individuals who submit the best ideas on how to reduce security lines at our nation's airport. From the Washington Post:

The TSA is offering as much as $15,000 to anyone who can devise a new security line system. It’s asking so-called “solvers” to build on TSA’s existing PreCheck program, which allows fliers to bypass some security rules like removing shoes and no liquids over a certain size that often create line gridlock.

TSA says the new idea should take into account the various categories of travelers who sometimes abide by different screening rules, like the PreCheck fliers, premier passengers, travelers in wheelchairs, and flight crews.

“Solvers are expected to provide the concept and provide evidence that it works as described in the requirements,” according to a description of the “Next Generation Checkpoint Queue Design Model” contest.

Don’t delay. The contest ends Aug. 15. And there are currently 1,638 “active solvers” angling for the prize. The TSA is guaranteeing that at least one award will be granted.

Here is my idea- and the TSA doesn't even have to pay me for it- abolish the TSA. Not only will wait times be shorter since we will no longer be groping grandmothers and infants, but we will be safer.

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