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Unions love “Main Street” Republicans


Unions love “Main Street” Republicans

Defending Main Street is a Super PAC designed to support of “centrists” (re: statists), “pro-business” (re: pro-corporate welfare/pro-military-industrial complex) Republicans.  This group’s goal is to purge the Ron Paul-inspired liberty movement from the GOP in order to protect the military-industrial complex, and other forms of corporate welfare, from the budget ax.

Of course, the “Main Street Republicans” claim to be for “fiscal conservatism.” But if that was the case, then why are two major labor unions among the Main Street PAC’s biggest donors? Labor union PACs do not give to candidates or causes that favor small government.

The likely reason union bosses  support “Main Street” Republicans is that many unions favor high levels of military spending and other forms of corporate welfare. The reason is that most big defense contractors use unionized labor, as do many firms that benefit from government programs such as the Export-Import Bank. So the taxpayer dollars shoveled into the beneficiaries of corporate welfare also enriches the coffers of union bosses.

The fact that the union bosses are willing to donate to the “Main Street” Republicans is just more proof that real agenda of this, and other “Main Street” Republican, groups is to benefit K street, not Main Street. Campaign for Liberty will continue to work to advance the true Main Street agenda of real cuts,right now in all areas of government spending.


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