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UPDATED: Latest on the NDAA Conference Report!


UPDATED: Latest on the NDAA Conference Report!

Due to intense grassroots pressure against the detainee provisions contained in the National Defense Authorization Act Conference Report, House leadership almost pulled the report from today's agenda rather than see it defeated on the House floor! 

Instead, after appearing to have pulled it and voting began on a series of other bills, it was announced they would vote on the conference report after the other votes were completed.

Don't back down for a second, keep the pressure on your representative to make sure they oppose the NDAA Conference Report!  You can reach your representative through the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or find their email here.

Rumors that the White House may veto the NDAA to protect Americans civil liberties turned out to be just that, rumors, which were put to rest by the Press Secretary, Jay Carney.  The White House will not veto this bill, so if you were counting on that instead of calling your representative, you better pick up the phone.

UPDATE: The NDAA Conference Report just passed the House by a vote of 283-136. Please turn your attention to the Senate, where the bill now heads — contact your senators and urge them to do what the House should have done and oppose the conference report until the detainee provisions are removed!


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