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CISPA Vote Imminent – UPDATED


CISPA Vote Imminent – UPDATED

The House has just returned from a brief recess and will begin voting on a series of amendments before voting on final passage of the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

This legislation endangers the privacy of Internet users, as companies are encouraged to share information “cybersecurity threat information” with government intelligence agencies, including the NSA. Unfortunately for Internet users like you, your personal information could be passed along to the government with it, catching everything from gchats to email content, to bank transactions or medical records.

Contact your representative immediately and demand they vote NO on CISPA.

Read a copy of John Tate’s email from Saturday, explaining why this bill is so dangerous.

UPDATE: The House passed CISPA by a vote of 288-127. The focus will now turn to the Senate where we need to double-down on the pressure to make these politicians feel the heat.


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