Wisconsin C4L Leader "Purged" From County GOP

Following up on last week's House GOP retreat, one area Republicans are not retreating from is purging members of the liberty movement from the party.

Todd Welch, long-time C4L state coordinator in Wisconsin, recently received a letter from the "leadership" in Dunn County informing him his membership was "denied."

Dated January 9, Richard Rust, the county GOP Chair, informed Welch they were returning his membership dues, and that the Executive Board had unanimously voted to deny him membership.

The letter claimed:

"Your actions at the Republican National Convention, your Convention article in the Eau Claire Leader and multiple Facebook entries have not been honorable actions..."

Todd's "crime" is something every C4L leader is guilty of -- holding GOP politicians accountable to their stated principles, thinking critically, and speaking out, rather than blindly cheerleading for anyone on "Team R." He works tirelessly to ensure that GOP elected officials pay more than lip service to the cause of limited government and individual liberty.

Todd had this to say about the Dunn County GOP's actions:

"This is about keeping the Tea Party, Grassroots, and any one that wants to hold Republican candidates accountable to Republican principles out of the party.

Republicans did not lose in 2012 because of our ideas, we lost because of our failure to hold our candidates and politicians accountable and effectively stand up for our principle.

To me the future looks bright for the Republican Party but only if we stand strong against what the party elite and the main stream media are telling us.  They are telling us that we must sacrifice our principles to win.  I am here to say that it is the exact opposite of what must be done, rather we must stand up for our principles and force our candidates and politicians to do the same."

Discipline begins at home, and good political activists like Todd Welch understand that. It's clear the Dunn County GOP does not.

You can let the Dunn County GOP know what you think about them denying activists membership in "their" party here.

GOP "leaders" take note: It's probably not wise to alienate the fastest only growing segment of the GOP: the grassroots liberty movement inspired and influenced by Ron Paul.

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