You Are NOT Free to Move About the Country

Did you know if your passport is damaged, you can be stopped from traveling Internationally? 

Well, it happened to the Gosnell family from Denver, CO earlier this week while on their way to a family vacation in Belize.

When the family attempted to board a flight in Dallas, TX, American Airline officials refused to allow Kyle Gosnell to board the flight because his passport had a small crease on the back cover and appeared weathered and worn down.

KDVR in Denver reports:

While some travelers may consider that a badge of honor, of sorts, the government doesn’t.

Ray Priest, owner of International Passport Visas in Denver, said your passport isn’t actually yours at all; it belongs to the US government.

“To have a passport is privilege, it’s not entitled to you by citizenship,” Priest said. He said the issue may be with a microchip embedded in the back of all new passports. “They have no reason in the world to let you travel if it’s been damaged,” Priest said. “It’s like cutting your photo out or something if that chip doesn’t work.”

This is news to many Americans, particularly since you pay the government $165 for the privilege of obtaining your passport every ten years just to enjoy a freedom we all should enjoy -- the right to move freely, unimpeded by government edicts.

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