Obamacare: $17trillion funding gap found by Sen. Sessions, Obamacare is smoke and mirrors and deception

     Obamacare is just more big government project with giveaways to friends of big GovCo. like the favored groups who have received waivers. Senator Sessions has discovered a $17 trillion funding gap within the pages of the Affordable Health Care bill which makes it very less affordable than advertised. Besides being unconstitutional it is just one more penalty, one more expense that has zero return to those paying for it in spite of the propaganda spewing from Obama's foolish mouth. The man on the street will end up with less liberties because if the Supreme Court says it is constitutional the sky is the limit for what Congress can then pass into law based on the Interstate Commerce Clause.

     The better answer to these problems is to take the power away from the overreaching Fed GovCo and let the individual states deal with the health care coverage problems of their citizens.

     Why would the Establishment endorse Obamacare if it looks to be not only a Constitututional train wreak but a financial fubar (fouled up beyond all recognition) as well. The big secret is that the Establishment is seeking to protect itself by impoverishing and enslaving the common man and using big GovCo to accomplish it. Literally, anything that strips assets, penalizes and robs God given liberties from people is the Establishment order for the day. Which brings us to Obamacare. The Supreme Court justices were adament in their review of Obamacare that has led even the most casual observer to conclude that the SCOTUS consider it Constitutionally fubar, cannot be salvaged and should be thrown on the scrap heap. Lets hope the Justices vote according to how they publicly reviewed it in which case it will be thrown out.

     It would probably be much cheaper to just let anyone who wants Medicare to purchase it at some price per month, say $100 or $150 per month, and let everyone purchase it who wants it regardless of age. Obamacare looks to be one huge SNAFU (situation normal all fouled up).

see link:http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/30/another-17-trillion-surprise-found-in-obamacare/

Another $17 trillion surprise found in Obamacare

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