Oklahoma State Legislative Candidates

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.  Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.   



  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned devices being used for law enforcement and used in order to fine citizens?
  3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?
  4. Will you oppose any attempt to pass a ban on texting while driving, which has been shown to increase crash rates?
  5. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
  6. Do you oppose the use of state and local funds, including state employees or the public funding of private organizations, for lobbying legislators or influencing legislation?
  7. Will you oppose all rules that require more than 20% of a legislative body to bring a bill out of committee or be considered on the floor?




          "Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
District Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
1 D Curtis McDaniel Smithville              
2 R John R. Bennett Sallisaw Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y Y
2 D Rick Agent Sallisaw              
3 D James H. Lockhart Heavener              
3 D Traci Barnes Poteau              
3 R Roger Mattox Poteau Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y Y
4 D Mike Brown Tahlequah              
5 R Douglas G. Cox Grove              
6 D Chuck Hoskin Vinita              
7 D Larry Glenn Miami              
8 D Ben Sherrer Chouteau              
9 R Marty L. Quinn Claremore              
10 R Steve Martin Bartlesville              
11 R Earl Sears Bartlesville              
12 D Wade Rousselot Wagoner Y N Y N Y Y Y
12 R David Tackett Coweta Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y
13 D Jerry McPeak Warner              
14 R Arthur Hulbert Fort Gibson              
14 D Bobby Jefferson Muskogee              
14 D Jerry Rains Muskogee              
14 D Jack A. Reavis Muskogee              
15 D Ed Cannaday Porum              
16 D Jerry Shoemake Morris              
16 R Daniel Arnett Henryetta              
16 R James Delso Henryetta              
17 D Brian Renegar McAlester              
18 D Donald A. Condit McAlester              
18 D Carolyn M. Hill McAlester              
19 D R. C. Pruett Antlers              
20 R Bobby Cleveland Slaughterville              
20 R Gil Hensley Newcastle              
20 R Paul Maus Newcastle              
20 R Alon Morrison Newcastle              
20 D Matt Branstetter Noble              
20 D Rodney Johnson Noble              
21 R Dustin Roberts Durant              
21 D Jerry L. Tomlinson Durant              
22 R William R. Claxton Sulphur              
22 R Charles A. McCall Atoka              
22 D Doris A. Row Sulphur Y Y Y N   Y Y
23 R Jason Carini Catoosa Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y Y+  
23 R Terry O'Donnell Catoosa              
23 R Rob Reck Tulsa              
23 D Shawna Keller Tulsa              
24 D Steve Kouplen Beggs              
25 R Todd Thomsen Ada              
25 R Donald C. Gallup Ada              
26 R Michael Shaw Shawnee              
26 R Justin F. Wood Shawnee Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
26 D Patty S. Wagstaff Shawnee              
27 R Josh Cockroft McLoud Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y  
27 D Randy R. Gilbert Tecumseh              
27 D Troy Green Oklahoma City              
28 R Tom Newell Seminole              
28 D Marilyn Rainwater Seminole              
29 R Skye McNiel Bristow              
29 D David W. Narcomey Bristow              
30 R Mark E. McCullough Sapulpa              
31 R Jason W. Murphey Guthrie Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
32 R Coy R. Farmer Prague Y Y Y N Y Y N
32 R Jason Smalley Stroud              
32 D Gene Imel Chandler              
32 D Keith Kinnamon Chandler              
33 R Lee R. Denney Cushing              
34 D Cory T. Williams Stillwater              
35 R Dennis Casey Morrison              
36 R Sean Roberts Hominy              
36 R Paul F. Nosak Owasso              
36 R Stan Sallee Collinsville              
36 D Jim Massey Sperry              
37 R Steven E. Vaughan Ponca City Y+ Y Y+ Y Y Y Y
37 D Nancy L. Niemann Ponca City              
37 D Ross Smith Pawhuska              
38 R Dale R. DeWitt Braman              
39 R Marian Cooksey Edmond              
39 R Bob Dani Edmond              
40 R Mike Jackson Enid              
41 R John T. Enns Enid              
42 R Lisa J. Billy Purcell              
42 D Steven Vines Paoli              
43 R Colby Schwartz Yukon              
44 D Emily Virgin Norman              
45 R Aaron Stiles Norman              
45 R Derick Jensen Norman              
45 D Paula Roberts Norman              
46 R Scott Martin Norman              
47 R Leslie K. Osborn Mustang Y Y Y Y   Y  
47 D Leon A. Pivinski Mustang              
48 R Patrick Ownbey Ardmore              
48 D Brian Spencer Elmore City              
49 R Tommy C. Hardin Madill              
49 R Samuel Q. Dishmon Madill N N Y N N Y Y
50 R Dennis Johnson Duncan              
51 R Scott R. Biggs Chickasha              
51 R Glyn Byte Blanchard              
51 R Julie McKinney Marlow              
51 D Stewart Meyer Chickasha              
52 R Charles L. Ortega Altus              
53 R Eric E. Beu Moore              
53 R Brian Graham Moore              
53 R Mark McBride Moore              
53 R Paula Sullivan Norman Y+   N N      
54 R Paul Wesselhoft Moore Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y+ Y+
55 R Todd Russ Cordell              
56 R Chuck Utsler Pocasset              
56 D David L. Perryman Chickasha              
57 R Harold Wright Weatherford              
58 R Jeff Hickman Fairview              
59 R Mike Sanders Kingfisher              
59 R Rodney Hiebert Taloga Y+ Y+ Y Y Y Y N
60 R Dan Fisher El Reno Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
60 R Matt White El Reno              
60 D Kendra Menz-Kimble Hinton              
61 R Gus Blackwell Laverne              
62 R T. W. Shannon Lawton              
63 R Don Armes Faxon              
63 R B. L. Cozad Indiahoma Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+
64 R Ann Coody Lawton              
64 R Ryan D. Jernigan Lawton              
65 D Joe Dorman Rush Springs              
66 R Jadine Nollan Sand Springs              
66 D David C. Phillips Tulsa              
67 R Pam Peterson Tulsa              
68 R Glen Mulready Tulsa              
68 R Darren Gantz Jenks Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
69 R Fred Jordan Jenks              
70 R David W. Davis Tulsa Y Y Y N Y+ Y  
70 R Shane Saunders Tulsa Y Y Y Y Y Y  
70 R Ken Walker Tulsa              
71 R Katie Henke Tulsa              
71 R Evelyn L. Rogers Tulsa Y+ Y+ N N Y Y+ N
71 D Dan Arthrell Tulsa              
72 D Seneca Scott Tulsa              
72 R Randall L. Reese Tulsa              
73 D Kevin Matthews Tulsa              
74 R David Derby Owasso              
75 R Dan Kirby Tulsa              
76 R David Brumbaugh Broken Arrow              
76 D Glenda K. Puett Broken Arrow              
77 D Eric Proctor Tulsa              
78 D Jeannie McDaniel Tulsa              
78 R Paul Catalano Tulsa              
79 R Weldon Watson Tulsa              
79 R Lois Jacobs Tulsa              
80 R Mike Ritze Broken Arrow              
81 R Randy Grau Edmond              
82 R Guy Liebmann Oklahoma City Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+
82 R Mike Turner Edmond              
83 R Randy McDaniel Edmond              
83 R Maurice Aldridge Oklahoma City              
83 D Ed Holzberger Nichols Hills              
84 R Sally Kern Oklahoma City Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y+ N
84 R Curtis Moore Bethany              
85 R David Dank Oklahoma City              
86 D Will Fourkiller Stilwell              
86 R Honesimo Garcia Rose              
86 R Russell D. Turner Stilwell              
87 R Jason Nelson Oklahoma City              
87 D Nick Singer Oklahoma City              
88 R Douglas R. Garcia Oklahoma City              
88 R Aaron Kaspereit Oklahoma City              
88 D Steve Cortes Oklahoma City              
88 D Mike Dover Oklahoma City              
88 D Mark Faulk Oklahoma City              
88 D Kay Floyd Oklahoma City              
88 D Matt Harney Oklahoma City              
89 D Rebecca Hamilton Oklahoma City              
90 R Jon Echols Oklahoma City              
91 R Mike D. Reynolds Oklahoma City              
92 D Richard D. Morrissette Oklahoma City              
93 R Mike Christian Oklahoma City              
94 D Scott Inman Oklahoma City              
95 R Charlie Joyner Midwest City              
96 R Lewis H. Moore Arcadia              
97 D Mike Shelton Oklahoma City              
98 R John Trebilcock Broken Arrow              
99 D Anastasia A. Pittman Oklahoma City              
99 R Willard Linzy Oklahoma City              
100 R Elise Hall Oklahoma City              
100 R Mark Beard Oklahoma City              
100 R Jeff Renner Oklahoma City              
101 R Gary Banz Midwest City              
101 R A. J. Bailey Midwest City              
101 D Stephen E. Covert Midwest City              
1 D Charles Wyrick Fairland              
1 R Michael Romero Miami              
3 R Cyndi McArtor Grove              
3 R Wayne Shaw Grove              
3 D Jim Bynum Park Hill              
3 D Brian Sitsler Westville              
5 D Jerry Ellis Valliant              
5 R Howard Houchen Hugo Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
7 R Larry Boggs Wilburton Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y
7 D J. Paul Lane McAlester              
7 D Roger Shirley Indianola              
9 D Earl Garrison Muskogee              
9 R Barney S. Taylor Muskogee              
11 R Dave Bell Tulsa Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
11 D Jabar Shumate Tulsa              
11 D Joe Williams Tulsa              
13 D Susan Paddack Ada              
13 R Fred E. Smith Ada              
15 R Bob Neidhart Norman              
15 R Jack Beller Norman              
15 R Rob Standridge Norman              
15 R Harold Haralson Norman              
15 D Claudia Griffith Norman              
17 R Ron Sharp Shawnee              
17 R Ernest R. Clark Shawnee              
17 R Ed Moore Shawnee Y Y Y   Y Y Y
17 R Mike Jestes Oklahoma City Y Y Y N N Y Y
19 R Patrick Anderson Enid              
21 R Jim Halligan Stillwater              
23 R Ron Justice Chickasha              
25 R Mike Mazzei Tulsa              
25 R Ronda Vuillemont-Smith Broken Arrow Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y Y+
27 R A. Bryce Marlatt Woodward              
29 R John W. Ford Bartlesville              
31 R Don Barrington Lawton              
31 D Tony Terrill Lawton              
33 R Don P. Little Broken Arrow              
33 R Nathan Dahm Broken Arrow Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+ Y Y
33 R Tim Wright Broken Arrow Y Y Y N Y Y Y
33 R Cliff Johns Broken Arrow              
35 R Gary Stanislawski Tulsa              
37 R Dan Newberry Tulsa              
37 R Mark Croucher Jenks Y+ Y Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
39 R Brian A. Crain Tulsa              
39 R Kevin McDugle Tulsa              
39 D Julie Hall Tulsa              
41 R Clark Jolley Edmond              
41 R Paul Blair Edmond Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
41 D Dan T. Collier Edmond              
43 R Ron Magar Newcastle Y Y Y N Y Y  
43 R Corey Brooks Washington              
43 R Clark Southard Duncan              
43 R Peggy Davenport Duncan              
43 D Mike Fullerton Newcastle              
45 R Kyle D. Loveless Oklahoma City              
45 R Mark Schwieso Mustang              
47 R Greg Treat Oklahoma City              


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