One Rotten Human Spoils the Collectivist Utopia

Humans are mostly selfish creatures.  To motivate them to be better, you have to appeal to their selfish interests.  If they can live comfortably, while contributing very little to the greater good of the whole, many will gladly do so.  In a system which distributes equally to everyone (figure 1)

figure 1

Person A: Receives 5 and Outputs 5, Person B Receives 5 and Outputs 2, Person C Receives 5 and Outputs 1, Person D Receives 5 and Outputs 0 


many people have no problem contributing to this input/output deficit, because they know they will continue to benefit from the collective services just the same as if they hadn’t.  To make up for the I/O deficit, you don’t ask those who already put in what they took out to now contribute more because someone on the other end doesn’t want to carry their share of the load.  You stop outputting to those not inputting.  Allow for them to fail.  Remove the safety net that says, “I’ll be here no matter what,” and instead send a message that reads, “You need to be there for yourself because nobody is going to save you”.  

Imagine the increase in productivity this would produce as well as in life fulfillment.  Now those who had no pride and felt no reason to live would find self-respect and empowerment from being in charge of their own destinies.  It will hurt to watch someone you care about fall down, but they’ll be fulfilled when they learn how to take care of themselves and pull themselves back up.  Nobody should have to feel dependent on the generosity of others.  It impedes growth and it prevents us from becoming who we weren’t meant to be, our true self.  If you really care, you will take the training wheels off and let them fall.

Collectivism only works if there are no impurities in the group.  It's simple arithmetic, if there is one negative & 10 positives and you multiply them together, the solution is going to be negative.

1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x -1 =     - 1

Collectivism would work great if we lived in a world with zero corruption, but as long as there is one shred of corruption, everything good becomes corrupted through a collectivist system.

Thus, there has to be individualism or everyone fails together. 

Some Succeed (individualism)  >  None Succeed (collectivism) 

Don’t spend another moment of your life wishing people weren’t selfish or feeling sad or disappointed in humanity.  Accept it as a fact of life and then insulate yourself from other peoples’ selfish ways by becoming self sufficient and work to create a system where people striving to fulfill their own selfish desires benefits everyone (a free economy which is free from government’s collectivist intrusions).

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