Only Congress has Constitutional authority to declare war, yet Panetta and top brass now ignore Congress and defer to NATO and UN

definition of defer: submit to the decisions of another through recognition of their authority, knowledge or judgement.

     Panetta and top brass of Pentagon admit they no longer submit to Congressional authority, knowledge or judgement regarding going to war but submit to the authority of the UN and/or NATO or some other unconstitutional entity. Congress appears to no longer join in the decision making about going to war even though the USA Constitution explicitly states the sole authority for deliberating and deciding on war belongs to the Congress of the United States.

     Establishing a no fly zone over Syria is an act of war and so are naval blockades of Iran. Economic sanctions are warfare. When has the national security of the USA been threatened by the tiny country of Syria or Iran? If Obama acts to establish a no fly zone over Syria like he did with Libya without getting authorization from Congress to do so he is engaging in illegal actions because no way he can argue that Syria is a threat to the national security of the USA. His no fly zone over Libya was illegal and most likely a  high crime and misdemeanor but Congress didn't act to defend the honor of the USA and let the faux POTUS destroy Libya from the air.

      It also appears Panetta and the top brass are engaging in some type of crime or  even treason against the USA  when the decisions of the use of US Military Forces is left to foreign powers in the UN and NATO and when the national security of the USA is not threatened.  Congress commissions the officers in the US military and have final approval of  the Presidential cabinet members like Panetta. It is obvious Panetta and the top brass are rouge offenders of the Constitutional constraints placed upon their activities and they need to be impeached by Congress to answer for their crimes.Impeaching Obama would probably help.

   Ron Paul says Panetta and Obama operating outside Constitutional constraints when it comes to threatening no fly zone over Syria.

see link: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/articles/ron-paul-to-leon-panetta-obama-is-disregarding-the-rule-of-law/

Ron Paul to Leon Panetta: President Obama is disregarding the rule of law

     Impeachment legislation of Obama has been introduced in the House by Congressman Walter Jones.
see link: http://www.infowars.com/coup-detat-pentagon-obama-declare-congress-ceremonial/