Open Skies Opponents Resort to Name Calling

Opponents of the Open Skies agreements have resorted to calling the effort to preserve limits free-market in air travel a plot of “Never Trumpers.” This is because of some unfortunate writings and statements by some involved in the effort attacking President Trump in nasty personal terms.

However, most Open Skies defenders are trying to advance free-market policies and do not engage in personal attacks on the President. For example A.J. Striker, longtime liberty activists and former chair of the Iowa Republican Party, has recently published an op-ed supporting Open Skies. A.J. has been critical of President Trump, but his criticism are based on policy differences, not on personal attacks.

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul has also supported Open Skies. Dr. Paul has made it clear that he will support President Trump when the President supports liberty and constitutional government and oppose him when the President is opposing liberty.

The effort to preserve Open Skies is not about being pro-Trump or anti-Trump. It is about making sure international travelers have the ability to choose from a wide selections of options and that the U.S. remain competitive in the international travel marketplace.

The U.S. share of the international travel market has declined from 13.6 percent in 2015 to 11.9 percent in 2017, a decline of 7.4 million visitors and a total of $32.2 billion lost from international travelers spending on goods and services in the U.S. During this period, the market for long-haul international travel was increasing by 7.9%. Preserving and expanding Open Skies will help regain America’s position as a leader in international travel bringing more tourists and international business travelers to our country and creating more good jobs.

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