Oppose "DISCLOSE"!

As we mentioned earlier, the so-called “DISCLOSE” Act has been resurrected – and it’s scheduled for a cloture vote later today in the U.S. Senate!

So please contact your senators through the Capitol Hill switchboard by calling (202) 224-3121 right away.
You can also find their direct contact information HERE.
Urge them to oppose S. 3369 – the “DISCLOSE” Act of 2012 – on every vote, including today’s cloture vote.
Why is Campaign for Liberty so opposed to the so-called “DISCLOSE” Act?
Outside of the numerous burdens it could place on our staff (which is already stretched thin with so many battles on various fronts), and the ridiculous power it grants federal bureaucrats to decide which of our efforts are “acceptable,” C4L stands firmly against such a dangerous violation of the First Amendment.
Simply put, you have a right to speak out freely – and anonymously – when you believe your government is overstepping its bounds.
You shouldn’t have to worry that your name will end up on a federal list somewhere due to your participation in groups like C4L.
And don’t fall for the election-year rhetoric that this is all about the “1%.”
C4L defends this right on behalf of both our large donors and those who can only give $5 or $10 a couple times a year.
The Bill of Rights doesn’t change when your income increases.
Help defend the First Amendment right to free speech by contacting your senators right away at (202) 224-3121 and urging them to oppose “DISCLOSE” on every vote, including today’s cloture vote.
Anonymous political speech has been a cherished right since this country’s founding.  The Federalist Papers were published under the pseudonym of "Publius," even though history now knows it was John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison who authored them.
Benjamin Franklin used more than a dozen pseudonyms throughout his career, and the great American patriot Thomas Paine published the pamphlet Common Sense simply as “Written by an Englishman” and later penned The Crisis as “The Author of Common Sense.”
If members of Congress would work to reduce the outrageous national debt, rein in an out-of-control Federal Reserve, respect our civil liberties, and actually abide by the Constitution, perhaps so many Americans wouldn’t be speaking out against their actions.
The American people shouldn’t be punished for making their voices heard, and politicians shouldn’t just assume that we aren’t smart enough to sort out which voices are telling us the truth and which aren’t before we cast our vote.
Just because the federal government comes after higher dollar donors now doesn’t mean they won’t come after everyone else later.
Fight back by urging your senators to oppose “DISCLOSE” on every vote.
With the vote scheduled for later today, please contact the Capitol Hill switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be transferred to your senators right away.
You can also find their direct contact information HERE.

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