What does this actually mean to you? What do we participate in and what is it exactly?

It is the ACT to take part in or share in, it is something individually we have to decide to do or it will not take place.


Ask yourself this question; do you see more participation in life or less? Is this participation addressing anything? How about you; do you participate in any other idea besides your own? Why not?


If you are participating and this means the ACT to take part in which act is it that is participating? Speaking on a particular idea, hearing a particular idea, agreement to a particular idea or what act shows the actual participation?


The reason I bring this up is I am involved in many different ideas on the web and I participate by interaction by responding to ideas being shared. Either in agreement with and support of such a direction or in opposition and the explanation of why it is important to me. Now what this does is provoke thought in each of us, the more we provoke and the more answers we discover the larger we grow. The more educated we become, the more communications we become in participation with is also the more focused we become on particular ideas. To concentrate and evaluate them all so we are not simply in acceptance of something we do not understand at all. It is the act of building understanding and clarity to different subjects that interest you.


Now I have created a site called A Producing American because it has to do with who and what I am and it also supports what I am and that is life. So essentially I am participating in something I have to do and be every day. The study on myself, my usefulness, my weakness and all capacities within me.

One thing I have noticed is no participation but this is not only to my site, this is now becoming more obvious on all the sites I am involved in. If participation is growth and if we refuse to participate what takes place?


Is the idea of you being better, more capable, more pronounced, more able too scary to face?

Our world faces the largest decline in all of history, it is not the first time but it is the biggest decline because it is the largest amount of people ever involved. It is forced participation whether you want it or not will not matter but regardless is acted upon very little.


The question we are faced with is this, willingly participating represents the acts of growth and refusing to participate and enforced participation represent decline of growth what does this mean to each and everyone of us?


Yes, I know that is black and white but when it comes to something true versus something false isn’t this clear cut or black and white? It has been for me because the more truths I find the more energy I receive the more powerful I become to direct my own destiny. My participation helps me grow and become stronger in my presence and the experience has been none short of defying gravity. My energy level is so great people around me are starting to stare, yet no one participates in the question why while they sit gasping for air.


I can only suggest you get up off the couch an find things you are interested in about yourself and investigate and participate in yourself. Become able to recognize you, be an energy to be reckoned with by your own participation into YOU.


Life is precious and well worth while when experienced in all directions. LIVE, Participate or stop the idea of living.


By William Schooler

A Producing American by trade and will.

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