Delaware C4L's Petition to Prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention

Burning Constitution


Dear Delaware Citizen, 

For years, the federal government has been ignoring the limits placed on it by the Constitution! 

Some think calling a constitutional convention will help create new limits on the federal government.

They think a constitutional convention can be limited to certain types or categories of changes. 

Most scholars agree that a constitutional convention cannot be limited.

In fact, we only have one historical convention that gives us precedent . . .  the convention of 1787 that gave us our present Constitution. 

That convention was called with instructions to revise the Articles of Confederation. 

Once convened, those instructions were thrown out the window. 

The convention of 1787 went into a secretive "committee of the whole" and wrote a new Constitution. 

We were extremely blessed that most of the men at that convention favored limited government, having just fought a war for freedom from the virtually unlimited power of the British crown. 

Today, we won't be so blessed! 

Today's politicians and special interests are frustrated by the constraints of the Constitution and crave more power and authority to impose their will on us. 

Can you imagine the amount of money and resources that will be brought to bear on a convention from the special interests, corporate interests, and the liberal media to completely re-write our Constitution to resemble some European Union-style government? 

It scares me to death. 

Please sign our petition below to stop the misguided attempt to call a constitutional convention. 

In Liberty, 

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty


Petition to Prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention!


WHEREAS: The United States government already demonstrably ignores the current Constitution; and

WHEREAS: Most scholars agree a convention, once called, cannot be limited, even if the calling instructions attempt to do so; and

WHEREAS: The money and influence of special interests could overwhelm a convention in favor of implementing a European Union-style Constitution; and

WHEREAS: This could remove even the pretense of a limited government, completely destroying any remaining restraint protecting free speech, freedom of religion, free press, the right to keep and bear arms, free markets, and other cherished protections.

THEREFORE: I demand that the Delaware General Assembly NOT support a call for an Article V Convention and that any and all support be removed from such efforts immediately by all of our elected officials.

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