Demand Income Source Disclosure

Dear South Carolina Citizen,

South Carolina politicians are blatantly ignoring the law that prevents them from using their office to benefit themselves and their businesses.

Great investigative reports from multiple news outlets have been published about:

  -- politicians sponsoring bills to help their own business; and
  -- millions of dollars in state contracts going to a legislator's business; and
  -- even the Speaker of the House sending a note on the Speakers own letterhead to state regulators asking for help for his own business.

This law is difficult, if not impossible, to enforce because South Carolina laws do not require politicians to disclose all their sources of income.

In most cases, it is impossible to know if a legislator is using his influence to benefit himself or his business.

Please take a moment to help us reign in these out-of-control politicians who are using the power of their office to line their own pockets while robbing the citizens blind!

Sign the petition below to demand full income source disclosure from all our elected officials.

In Liberty,

Talbert Black, Jr.
State Coordinator

 Enact Mandatory Income Source Disclosure

to My State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor


WHEREAS: Section 8-13-700 of the SC Code of Laws bans public officials from using their office to gain any economic interest; and

WHEREAS: That same section also bans public officials from influencing any government decision in which they have any economic interest; and

WHEREAS: great investigative reporting has already disclosed many public officials breaking this law; and

WHEREAS: without complete income source disclosure, it is impossible to know who else might be breaking this law.

THEREFORE: I demand that the South Carolina General Assembly and the Governor immediately enact mandatory full income source disclosure, for all sources of income, for all public officials.

I further demand they voluntarily disclose their income sources now without waiting for a law to require it.

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