End Common Core in Michigan

Our federal government wants to destroy your family’s privacy and your children’s minds and innocence.

They will achieve this with Common Core if we don’t act now.

The state is giving the federal government personally identifiable data about our children.  Included in this data will be innocent comments by each student about their family’s views on hunting and guns, politics, marriage and religion, and other private views. 

Imagine such a database being assembled on children of patriots like you, in a nation where IRS tyranny and Justice Department lawlessness is rampant and directed against law-abiding citizens like yourself.

The federal government also wants full control over the curriculum and testing standards for every school in this country. 

For decades, America’s educational standards have been in decline, with each generation of leaders being less prepared and less educated than the ones before it. And the downhill spiral started when the federal government first started interfering.

Please take action TODAY by signing the petition below.



 End Common Core in Michigan

to My State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor:


WHEREAS, Common Core is a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to educating children which removes any and all local and parental control, and which does not allow for an atmosphere conducive to learning; and

WHEREAS, Common Core is a system where children are preyed upon – where sensitive and highly personal data is gathered that will follow the child throughout their school years and beyond; and

WHEREAS, Common Core is a system where teachers are not treated as professionals, but are instead treated as facilitators that are evaluated and paid based upon faulty standards and skewed state assessments; and

WHEREAS, the estimated cost to maintain Common Core will be a heavy burden on the taxpayers of our state.


Therefore, be it resolved that we, the citizens of the great state of Michigan demand that our State Representatives and State Senators actively oppose Common Core and support the passage of a bill that stops implementation of the Common Core standards, withdraws from testing consortia (PARCC or Smarter Balanced), and ends the collection of student data via the Longitudinal Data System.





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