End the CON job (Certificate Of Need)

If Michigan's lawmakers one day came out and said, "Nobody should be allowed to open a restaurant until we certify that the neighborhood needs a new restaurant!" you would call them deranged lunatics. 
You would probably think they were bought off by the restaurants trying to protect themselves from competition.  
And you would be right . . . except it isn't restaurants asking the government to cut off the competition -- it's the hospitals -- and the government is already doing their bidding!
It's called "Certificate of Need" (CON) laws, and they prohibit hospitals from being built or expanding unless they get permission from the Certificate of Need Commission, which is composed of their competition.  Certificate of Need laws should be called the "Healthcare Shortage Mandate."
Please sign your petition below demanding your state legislators vote to repeal Certificate of Need laws in Michigan.


Whereas: Certificate of Need (CON) laws are specifically designed to enrich hospitals by restricting their competition; and

Whereas: Certificate of Need (CON) laws reduce the supply of critical healthcare while driving up the cost, effectively making them a "Healthcare Shortage Mandate;" and

Whereas: Certificate of Need (CON) laws represent cronyism and provide benefits to select, politically connected healthcare providers; and

Whereas: Certificate of Need (CON) laws fail to provide increased access to health care for the poor; and

Whereas: The federal government repealed its Certificate of Need (CON) mandate in 1987 when the ineffectiveness of CON regulations became clear; and

Whereas: Proponents of Certificate of Need (CON) programs will claim these laws control costs and increase the amount of charity care.  However, 40 years of evidence demonstrate that these programs do neither.

Therefore: I demand Michigan state legislators actively support and vote “YES” on a repeal of Healthcare Shortage Mandate AKA Certificate Of Need laws.

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