Stop Common Core in Delaware

Imagine the ultimate loss of privacy -- if you never even had it to begin with.

Common Core is a massive acceleration to the federal government takeover of education. 

It will be devastating to your future, whether you have children or not.

Common Core is a major step toward total state control of our children.

For decades, America’s educational standards have been in decline, with each generation of leaders being less prepared and less educated than the ones before it. And the downhill spiral started when the federal government first started interfering.

Now the federal government wants to dictate the testing standards for all of the states, which will lead to curricula that “teaches the tests.” 

Perhaps worse than that, the government is adding a radical data gathering and tracking system through Common Core.

Schools can now collect information from students on political affiliations, mental and psychological afflictions, religious practices, parental income, and illegal, anti-social, or sexual behavior—to name a few topics. This record will follow your child throughout their school years and beyond.

Please sign the petition below and demand that our state legislators introduce and support a bill to stop implementation of Common Core in Delaware.



Whereas: Determination of educational testing standards and curricula has always rightly been a function of local school boards and parents; and

Whereas: The federal government has made many failed attempts over the years to control different aspects of public education with dismal results; and

Whereas: Common Core would establish a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to educating children, which would remove any and all local control; and

Whereas: The various states were bribed into accepting Common Core, being promised federal grant money if they complied; and

Whereas: Common Core creates a new vehicle for gathering sensitive data on Delaware students and their families which will follow them throughout their school years and beyond.

Therefore: I demand that our local school boards immediately suspend all activities related to the development and implementation of the Common Core Standards Initiative; and

Therefore: I demand that the school boards refrain from accepting any additional Race To The Top funding and/or signing any further "Memoranda(s) of Understanding"; and

Therefore: I demand that our state legislators introduce and support a bill stopping the implementation of the Common Core Standards Initiative in Delaware.

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