Stop Policing for Profit in Georgia!

Dear Georgia Citizen,

After raking in an estimated $28 million in 2010 alone by seizing private property from Georgians, the state government wants to double down on its practice of "Policing For Profit" with the recently proposed House Bill 1.

If "Policing For Profit" passes, it will continue to allow the government to seize private property from Georgians who haven't even been charged with a crime!

That's why it's vital you sign the petition below DEMANDING your Representatives and Senators OPPOSE "Policing For Profit" and END the practice of Civil Forfeiture in Georgia.

In liberty,

Jeff Burgess
Georgia Campaign for Liberty


 Stop "Policing for Profit" Petition

to My State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor


WHEREAS: Citizens are considered innocent until proven guilty; and

WHEREAS: The Constitution guarantees citizens due process; and

WHEREAS: Proposed House Bill 1 fails to protect the private property rights of innocent Georgians and is therefore FALSE reform; and

WHEREAS: A recent national report gave Georgia a grade of D- for its Civil Forfeiture laws and practices, with only four other states receiving similarly low grades; and

WHEREAS: Civil Forfeiture encourages law enforcement to "Police For Profit" and pursue property they can seize rather than actual criminals they plan to charge;

THEREFORE: We citizens of Georgia DEMAND our rights to due process and private property be protected by ending Civil Forfeiture in Georgia.

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