Stop the Texas Gun Control Plan!

With all of the recent news about a push for "common sense" gun control coming from D.C. politicians, you may think that at least we are safe here in Texas with a Republican-controlled legislature.
I am sorry to say you and I are facing new threats to our gun rights -- not just from liberal Democrats, but even from anti-gun politicians elected as Republicans! You may recall what happened in Florida just a few months ago. A Republican legislature and governor rammed through massive new gun control laws before anyone had a chance to stop it. Let's keep that from happening in Texas!
Recently, after tragic events in Texas and around the country, the cries to "do something" about gun control are now even coming from our own Republican governor. Greg Abbott published a 40 page plan with all sorts of new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners including mandatory storage laws, "red flag" laws where firearms can be taken away from gun owners without any criminal convictions, and harsh penalties for you if your firearm is stolen and the thief commits a crime with it!

Governor Abbott has said he would consider calling a special session to implement these gun control schemes if there was enough legislative support to pass them. Texas Campaign for Liberty believes we should be working on laws to allow gun owners more freedom to decide how to best defend themselves, not less. Make no mistake, if there is a special session to work on passing gun control laws, it will be bad news for all of us. Outgoing anti-gun Speaker of the House Joe Straus -- who has nothing to lose -- would control the entire process of what gets passed!

Right now, there are hearings going on in Austin to decide what sorts of new gun related laws might be implemented. All of our lawmakers and elected officials need to hear from us that we want no new gun control laws and no special session called to pass them. 

This is why I am asking you to sign your "Stop the Texas Gun Control PLan" petition right away!
Stop the Texas Gun Control Plan Petition! 


Whereas: Texans have undeniable rights under the United States and Texas Constitution to keep and bear arms; and

Whereas: "Common Sense Gun Control" is nothing more than code for more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners; and

Whereas: The Texas Legislature should be working on reducing gun regulations not increasing them; and

Whereas: Disarming Texans with new gun control schemes increases the likelihood of criminal violence; and

Whereas: Mandatory lock-up of firearms and "red flag" laws violate our due process and Second Amendment rights; and

Whereas: No amount of gun control is going to prevent criminals from breaking the law to kill or maim innocent people.


Therefore, be it resolved, we the undersigned demand Governor Abbott and the Texas legislature abandon this push for passing gun control laws to infringe on Texans' gun rights and for the Governor to refrain from calling a special session to implement those laws. 

Therefore, be it further resolved, we call on the Texas Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House, and all State Representatives to veto or vote against any bill or proposal that would implement new gun control schemes in Texas.  

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