Texas' thanks, but no tanks petition

Military equipment such as; armored assault vehicles, grenade launchers, 50 caliber machine guns, night vision goggles, body armor and M16 automatic rifles are being turned on private U.S. citizens. These implements of war are now available to any police department around the country no matter their size or likelihood of being a target of terrorism.

This battlefield equipment is being used in a dramatically increasing number of paramilitary raids across the country for non violent search warrants and other activities not justified by SWAT team raids. Too often these raids lead to the death or injuries of innocent persons.

The latest threat to our Liberties from this over militarization of the police force is the growing number of "free" armored tank style vehicles being obtained by local police departments in Texas. Several Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) tanks have already become a part of police departments in Dallas, Galveston, League City and several other Texas towns. These 36,000 pound tanks paid for with our tax dollars are being purchased by police departments with little to no oversight by the city councils that were elected by the people.

Please sign the petition below so we can tell Texas law enforcement agencies "Thanks, but no tanks" in our neighborhoods.

Whereas: The Federal Government used tax payer dollars to purchase hundreds of $500,000 armored tanks it doesn't want and can't use.

Whereas: Police Departments are aquiring MRAP tanks without citizen or council approval.

Whereas: Maintenance and upkeep of a $500,000 used war torn vehicle is costly to taxpayers.

Whereas: An ever intrusive federal government has become aggressive in arming local police departments with military style equipment.

Whereas: Living in a community that emulates a war zone is detrimental to local economic growth.

Whereas: These 36,000 pound tanks pose a great danger to the citizens and police officers of Texas cities.

Whereas: The federal Posse Comitatus law prohibits the use of the military on the civilian population.

Whereas: These tanks can be called up by federal agents at any time for any purpose.

Therefore: We the undersigned demand you take action to remove all MRAPs or other tank style armored vehicles from your jurisdiction.

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