Petrodollar and war against any country not selling oil for fiat Fed Reserve notes is alternative to sound money

     A popular theory is in order to keep a high demand for Fed Reserve Notes the USA Military has to attack any country in the Middle East not dealing its oil for petrodollars. Rather than allowing Constitutional money of gold and silver the money dictated for our use is the Fed Reserve Note which derives its valuation at this time in history from its use in the sale of oil. The Fed Reserve has a vested interest in seeing that all transactions for oil are in Fed Reserve Notes and recycling those into debt bonds from the US Treasury. The USA has thrown away the pursuit of peace with others in the world for pursuit of a petrodollar monopoly.  Even as our own economy and standard of living has deteriorated with loss of industries offshored and outsourced and unemployment is very high the USA remains on a warpath of destruction of any and all not in compliance with the fraudulent practices of unregulated fractional reserve banking with leverage to infinity.

     How will this end?  The rest of the world is getting tired of participating in Petrodollars and recycling them into debt bonds from the US Treasury and rather than be trapped into perpetual debt slavery  they want freedom. What will happen? Freedom from the barbaric relic of debt enslavement or more war to keep the world in chains to a monetary system that everyone hates and enslaves all but benefits a few banker families? Can the USA break away in a peaceful manner from its dependence on the Petrodollar and recycling of them or will the USA use its military to continue forcing the worlds governments to deal in Petrodollars?  Without a doubt the USA is being turned into a fascist dictatorship where everyone is impoverished with no personal liberties but the elite bankers and their friends do as they please and control the wealth and our elections are rigged by the CIA.

see link: http://presstv.com/detail/232669.html

'United States Increasingly becoming fascist state'

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